Do you feel like you make great money but are unsure where it goes every month?

Managing your money better is not about math. You have all the math skills you need to accomplish your dreams. Changing your spending behaviour is the opportunity.

To help, I can help you create a cash flow plan. I use a simple three step process to show you how to get the most from the money you earn.

“so many good behaviors require vigilance…so many bad behaviors need be done just once to cause the pain”

—Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir
from Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much

What is a cash flow plan?

The cash flow plan is a written document that includes specific advice on personal spending. A cash flow plan is NOT a budget. It allows me to take into account your income, expenses, proximity to retirement (or other major goals), assets and liabilities and
recommend how much you can spend on the things you can control in order to achieve your dreams.

How can a cash flow plan benefit me?

It will save tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in inefficient interest, find you the money to fund your dreams, help you stop money leaks on stuff that doesn’t matter so you’ve got lots of money for the stuff that does. Finally it will tell you what TO DO, not just what TO BUY!

Get started with a cash flow plan in three steps:

A quick phone call

First we’ll have a quick phone conversation to discuss whether or not a Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ is right for you. If I’m confident I’m able to make a big difference in your finances I’ll invite you in for an initial consult. From there we’ll go over the things you really want from your money right now.

Have fun today!

Then I’ll show you how meeting short term goals again and again for fun things like renovating your kitchen, or a dream vacation, are actually the key to changing the behaviour that will fund your long term dreams.

Reach your dreams

Finally, I’ll create a written plan to show you exactly how
to reach those goals.

I've tried budgeting before. Why will this be successful?

A cash flow plan is forward looking by helping to make you spend according to your goals. A budget looks at spending that has already occurred and cannot be corrected. To achieve success, it is important to let the past go, especially past spending decisions that felt good at the time and now are filled with regret. The past is gone, we can work together towards a future filled with you achieving your goals.

A cash flow plan will provide you with a structure that automates spending decisions that align with your goals and limits the damage you can cause do to everyday financial decisions that are driven by emotions. The plan will also explore ways to reduce financial risk and create greater financial slack so that unforeseen expenses or emergencies can be handled without setting your goals back.

About Us

Papyrus Planning is an advice-only financial planning firm focused on creating detailed and personalized written cash flow plans for Canadians. Advice-only means we work for you and no one else. No sales. No commissions.

Papyrus Planning is led by David Field—a Certified Financial Planner®—who has helped couples and individuals build customized cash flow plans that focus on their goals and priorities.
Papyrus Planning is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada but is able to work with Canadians across Canada and abroad.

Enjoy life.

All it takes is a quick complimentary 20-minute phone call to learn how specifically a
Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ can help you achieve a life you love.

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