Where will your
retirement take you?
Be confident that your retirement income will get you there.

Retirement should be easy

With Papyrus Planning helping you manage your retirement income—it is. We can help guide you through the many income decisions you will make as you lead up to and begin your retirement. We find ways to smooth out and split income with the goal of helping your income last longer. We work to ensure you have access to the government benefits you are entitled to and the protection you need should your health ever decline. We help simplify the complexities of having multiple sources of income in retirement.

Retire with confidence!

Experience these benefits from our personalized retirement income plans.

Income Longevity

Retirement income that you won't outlive.

Keep More Money

Pay less tax on the income you receive.

Inflation Protection

Guard your income from the increasing cost of living.

Health Impact

Reduce the financial impact of future health issues.

Government Benefits

Preserve government benefits and tax credits.

Income Flow

Know when to turn on your retirement income and how much to take.

Written Financial Plan

Receive a personalized document that outlines what to do and how to do it.

Wealth Transfer

Enhance the wealth transfer to loved ones or charity.

About us

Papyrus Planning is a fee-only financial planning firm focused on creating detailed and personalized written retirement income plans for Canadians. Fee-only means we work for you and no one else. No sales. No commissions.

Papyrus Planning is led by David Field—a Certified Financial Planner® and Certified Cash Flow Specialist—who has helped couples and individuals build customized retirement income plans that focus on their goals and priorities.

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